Saturday, November 14, 2015

The frustration of being a single Indian in Australia

Couldn't shorten the title. That's exactly my thought today. I have no idea what I am doing in my life. Yes, being single sucks especially after being in a relationship for a very long time.

Being a brown fish in a white pond sucks. The brown female fish from your own country don't want to consider you. These fishes are mostly from north. So they don't prefer the fish from the south. Thanks to the great cultural divide in India. Its quite prevalent thousands of miles across here in Australia.

The brown female fish want to meet the white male fish here. The white female fish also want to meet the white male fish, which essentially means that the brown male fish are fucked. That's my situation. The probability of rejection is extremely high.

Meeting someone at work these days is simply out of question. First of all there are hardly any and then the next point that you are being judged by the colour of your skin. If you found someone and talked to them (don't even think of flirting), you should remember that you are secretly being watched by many other people around you. Workplace ethics and gender harassment issues are enough to get you out of work or into jail. If that happens, what you need to understand is you may not get work anywhere else again. This much is enough to scare the living daylights out of you. You'd rather keep your job than being known for making passes at your women colleagues.

Meeting someone at your local gym is also complicated. First problem is the awkward conversation which is very hard to make. You'd think they like you because they are friendly but they are really just being friendly. That's their nature. Just because they talk to you doesn't mean they'd go out on a date with you. And if you muster up the courage to ask them and they say no, you go into rejection phase. Then it becomes so hard to even go back to the gym. You know - the feeling of "she said no and hence we cannot be at the same class because its embarrassing or silly?". You so wish you'd just remained friends. Atleast you could continue talking.

Beyond this, one would say that you could meet people at clubs, bars and the likes. But I don't drink and I don't like to spend late nights outside. 

What a wretched life this is. Why is meeting someone so hard? Actually, why is it so hard for a brown fish?

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